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Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaner


JzCreation adopts multiple cleaner system, consisting of primary and secondary cleaners, which is now the standard for belt cleaning application on belt conveyors and has been accepted universally.

Primary Cleaner:  Installed on the face of the head pulley below the discharge trajectory, this cleaner uses low pressure to remove approximately 75 to 90 percent of the residual material.

Secondary Cleaner: Installed at the point where the belt leaves the head (discharge) Pulley, or further along the return run where space permits, these cleaners remove the remaining material. Additional cleaners can be installed if conditions require additional cleaning.


Good blade with high flexibility and large cross section: made from special polyurethane, of low friction, good wear resistance, high flexibility, good impact resistance and long service life, no hurt to belt and mechanical joint;

Special blade form: osely fit Conveyor belt and ensure the best cleaning effect;

Multiple block blades: arantee cleaning effect and increase blade service life;

New type of tensioner: de from special polyurethane material and sealed off, performance not influenced by environmental factors; the pressure between blade and belt automatically adjusted and constantly maintained, cleaners never jump with large amplitude.

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