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Long Distance Curved Belt Conveyor

Long Distance Curved Belt Conveyor

Long Distance Curved Belt Conveyorare the characteristic product of JzCreation. JZCreation's Long Distance Curved Belt Conveyor can be used to continuously convey materials through long distance, with large inclined angles and in complex terrain. Every single Conveyor can be designed, manufactured and installed according to clients’ requirements. The single length of each conveyor can reach kilometers or even tens of kilometers; belt width ranges from 500mm to 2600mm. JZCreation's long distance curved Belt conveyors feature as: simple structure, low operation cost, low working noise, running safely and stably, clean and highly efficient. JZCreation's long distance curved belt conveyors are the most ideal Bulk material long distance continuously conveying equipment.

Long Distance Curved Belt Conveyor

Features and advantage of Long Distance Curved Belt Conveyor:

1.The values for the tension occurring on the various segments of the belt are exactly determined by means of the conveyor belt calculation program.

2.On the basis of these values, it is possible to figure out in advance the appropriate angle of inclination for the idler brackets and the tilt of the idlers in all the various curves.

3.This ensures reliable guidance in the curves.

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