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Rapid Quantitative Loading System

Rapid Quantitative Loading System

The rapid quantitative  loading system can automatically weigh materials and load them into trucks or train. It is composed of quantitive loading mechanical equipment, tri-automatic sampling system, hydraulic control system and electronic monitor and control system.

Our newly developed rapid weighting & loading system mainly includes self-draft gear, structural support for main body, buffer silo, funnel type weighing bin, jaw distribution gate, bulkhead gate, oscillating entrucking chute, hydraulic system, control system, weighing system, automatic lubrication system and dust prevention system etc. 

Rapid Quantitative Loading System

The features of Rapid Quantitative Loading System:

  1. Adopt the advanced oscillating flow control gate which can meet requirements of different vehicle types due to the large amplitude of swing. The inner arc control gate can both control the materials speed and reduce the impact to loading the materials evenly.

  2. Set a material level sensor above the buffer silo which can measure the material level accurately.

  3. Set vibrators on the outer wall of the buffer silo which gets rid of materials sticking on the walls.

  4. The gate of the buffer silo adopts the advanced jaw gate with double port which can ensure no blocking during the loading process. Easy to close which ensures the continuous entrucking and improves the burdening accuracy.

  5. Set gas exhaust piping between the weighing silo and the buffer silo which reduces the internal pressure of the loading chute and prevents the dust from spreading.

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