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Pipe conveyor

Pipe conveyor

Pipe conveyors are a new kind of Bulk material continuously conveying equipment researched and developed on the base of conventional trough Belt Conveyors.Jiaozuo Creation pipe Conveyors overcome the disadvantages and application limitations of conventional Belt conveyors. Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors can convey materials in complex terrains with inclined angles up to 30°and minimum turning radius of 45 m. Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors can curve in any direction both horizontally and vertically without setting transport stations, saving 60% space compared with conventional belt conveyor systems. Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors have very good adaptability. Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors can convey materials bidirectionally by the upside and downside belts at the same time and realize multi-points loading. Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors convey materials totally enclosed so that they are very clean to the environment. Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors can run stably and reliably, consume lower comprehensive cost.Jiaozuo Creation pipe conveyors are widely used in industries with high environmental protection requirements, such as power plants, harbor, Steel Plants, cement plants, coal, mining, chemistry, building industry, etc.

Pipe conveyor

Features and advantage of Pipe conveyor system:

1.As a completely closed conveying system, the pipe conveyor provides for dust free transport of material with no contamination of the surrounding environment.

2.Pipe conveyors are also the ideal solution to meet the unique requirements of site geometry.

3.It is widely used for transporting coal powder , cement ,fly ash etc.

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