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Successful conclusion of the 13th Autumn Games of Creation

Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.Time:2018-11-16 15:09:12

November, Jiaozuo, the cold wind is coming to the surface as the taste of autumn has not dissipated yet, people feels the breath of the early winter. The golden sycamore leaves fell one by one, adding a little sorrow to the street. Even so, it still cannot cover the fierce refueling sounds, shouts, and cheers that sounded in the sports area of the Creation’s factory.  


With the enthusiasm, the 13th Autumn games of Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd is started! Every employee is filled with smile and pride, as they want to show themselves in the sports game, and develop their own strengths.


All the workers of the factory were actively involved in the competition. There are more than ten kinds of competitions, including tug-of-war, badminton, table tennis, three-person basketball, skipping rope, and 3000 meters long distance running. There are also competition of chess and puzzle, like checkers, chess, twins, and so on. The games require not only physical strength, but also wisdom. It also need to test the team ability of collaboration. The winners can not only win the honors for the team, but also win the outstanding rich prizes from the company.

Now, let us take a look at the staffs in the game!!!


The competition game also has added some special projects; In order to improve everyone’s safety awareness, can take quick and effective escape and fire-fighting methods in case of the fire, the company develops fire-fighting knowledge training and fire drills for the internal employees.

The game came to a successful end with the laughter. Congratulations to the outstanding individuais and groups who have achieved good results. Let us give warm applause to the staffs and referees who attended the games. The games not only mobilized the enthusiasm and activity of the employees, but also enhanced the cohesiveness within the department and enhanced the communication between the departments. To build a stage for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship, and temper their will, and truly achieve”happy sports, healthy sports”.

We will make the current sports as a starting point, do some packing, carry up our bags, follow the company’s slogan ”details determine success, altitude decides future”, work together with the company to “higher, faster and stronger”.