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Applications of Belt Conveyors

Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.Time:2014-03-17 18:11:00

First from belt system to explain: Belt Conveyor is one of the most important material transporting and handling equipment, can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, food processing industries, coal mines, metals, iron and steel enterprises, ports, cement factories and other   fields you can see. The application of skin machine and transportation machine can not only complete the material conveying, but also be conveyed into pieces of material, but according to use location, working environment, the type of the conveyed material, in its design and application will have bigger difference;

Modernization of Conveyor system has higher requirements on dust, therefore, in the transfer is equipped with water spraying dust collecting device, the Belt conveyor along with wind cap or wind deflector, the system is composed of a single, to work in the whole system of operation and repair, as well as departmental based on single machine, and understanding the interconnected system, single machine is made up of many parts, only do the daily maintenance of the parts, make its are in good working condition, to ensure the safe operation of equipment;

We usually according to the use of belt conveyor, work environment, technical performance and kinds of conveying material aspects of the different, in the form of satisfy a variety of operating mode, in addition to the more with the general belt conveyor, the new structure of a variety of special belt conveyor, one of the representative are: machine High Angle belt conveyor, deep groove belt type press and belt type machine,pipe belt conveyor, air cushion belt conveyor, plane turning belt type, line friction type, raised edge conveyor belt corrugated type transport machinery, etc., thinning and there are many classification, we introduce the following:

Classification according to the use, has a general mobile, downhole choose type, opencast stationary, special formula, can displace conveyor, loader is special transfer function type, large Angle conveyor, such as a short conveyor can be finished in the factory level in general, on delivery or shipment, reversible pattern type belt conveyor can be used for two-way conveying material, cantilever machine are normally installed in stacking machine, and rotary, in order to realize the soil or the role of cloth, and the elevated is supported by the door frame machine is usually used with other Bulk material handling equipment, such as in hydropower construction, the application of configurable standard middle frame, the frame set on-orbit pillow, can facilitate the displacement

According to transport material categories of classification, there is generally a loose material, hard material and sheet material use of belt conveyor, etc., according to the position of bearing period of rubber conveyor belt to classification, including belt bearing section below as well as in the above and bearing segment and bearing section of the up and down in the three types of two-way conveyor, using two-way conveyor conveying material can respectively under the branches and branches, but in order to keep the material interface does not produce change, need for rubber belt flip on a regular basis.