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Rollers Characters
  • Wide Applications

    Dual and tri-sealing which combine different bearing housing and shell material, there’re total 15 series rollers suitable for various working conditions and requirements.

  • Longer life

    The roller working life 50000h is designed according to various sealing system for different applications to ensuring the working life as the same as the design life.

  • Less radial run-out

    Special machining technology ensure our roller radial run-out is higher than the National Standard, it’s suitable for high-speed belt conveyor condition.

  • Less rotating resistant

    Less rotating resistant: labyrinth length accuracy calculation, advanced manufacturing technology and automatic line, which improve the roller with less rotating resistant(higher than the National Standard), it's suitable for long distance belt conveyors.

  • Normal roller for belt conveyor
    Normal Roller
  • impact roller for impact cradle belt conveyor
    Impact Roller
  • Disk roller for belt conveyor
    Disk Roller
  • Spiral Roller for belt conveyor
    Spiral Roller
  • Heavy Duty Roller for belt conveyor
    Heavy Duty Roller
  • TOPHL Heavy Duty High Speed Roller
    TOPHL Heavy Duty High Speed Roller
  • TOPPT Corrosion Resistant Roller
    TOPPT Corrosion Resistant Roller
  • TOPRG Regreaseable Roller
    TOPRG Regreaseable Roller
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Produce & Package
  • Samples of belt conveyor rollers
    Samples of Rollers
  • showroom of bulk material conveying roller
    Showroom of Rollers
  • Automatic  welding makes good and stabilized quality!
    Roller's Automatic Welding
  • Electrostatic Painting makes roller's quality more good!
    Electrostatic Painting
  • belt conveyor roller&Idler package for transfer
    Roller Package
  • Belt Conveyor Roller&Idler Support package
    Roller Support
  • Belt Conveyor Roller&Idler Support After Painting
    Roller Support After Painting
  • Belt conveyor Roller&Idler Workshop
    Roller WOrkingshop