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Working principle of the bulk material handling of the belt conveyor in the Port

Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.Time:2018-09-26 13:54:47

Bulk material handling of the Belt Conveyor in the Port is a general material transportation mode in the port and terminal. It is based on the condition of friction driving, continuous transportation of the bula material in the Port. The Bulk material Belt conveyor in the Port is mainly composed of Conveyor belt, frame, Pulley, roller device, tensioning device and transmission device.

In the process of bulk cargo transportation in the Port, the belt conveyor will be adopted the scheme of linear arrangement, which allows the conveyor to have a certain elevation angle with the horizontal plane(the elevation angle must not exceed 18°). The roller set should be fixed to the frame at a certain interval. The supporting belt and the belt are closed around the longitudinal axis of the frame in a circular shape around the frame, and placed between the up roller and down roller. At the same time, under the influence of the tensioning device, the belt frame can generate a certain tensioning force between the Driving pulley, and the driving device is rotated at a constant speed under the condition that the driving device acts on the driving pulley, and the conveyor belt carries the port bulk material and continuously advances by the friction force, thereby realizing the transportation of the bulk material in the port.